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DIY Safety & Security window films bring your glass to BS standards and safety regulationsSolar Window Glass Film is a Mirror or neutral tint window film designed to reduce heat and glare in the office. Clear Safety window film - BS6206 EN12600 clear window film - designed to maintain window and glass safety and protection by keeping shattered glass held in place in the frame. This window safety film also includes up to 99% UV reduction.DIY Consevatory Window Film for polycarbonate and glass conservatory roofs, heat reflective conservatory roof films.Clear protection Security window film, frosted and safety security protection Glass window films, decorative etch film and vinyl will create a modern look for dividing window panels and office screens enhancing privacy and restricting unauthorized view. Solar control window film will also help reduce glare. This can be an issue all year round, whether it be the low-lying sun of the winter or the bright light of summer, the sun can often make it difficult to see televisions or computer screens or to carry out other tasks in comfort. Window film will help by reducing the glare by up to 81% heat reduction film Ultraviolet(UV) Window Protection Film. Clear polyester UV protection film to reduce fade and burning of expensive goods. Barriers in this window film filter up to 99%.

BUY Window Film and Glass Solutions

BUY Solar Films for excess heat, safety 100 and 175 micron anti shatter window films, enhnace glass strength with security films for protection; privacy films and frosted window films for a modern look are all available in various grades, finishes and tints. We supply window film to nationwide commercial and DIY trades throughout the UK providing a window film supply service of our full range of heat reflective glass window films, privacy, safety films, frosted and etch window film products all designed to combat a wide range of glazing and glass related issues.

Our Clear Safety Window film is a simple yet cost effective way to reduce injury or worse; it is a clear polyester film designed to make glass safer. Glass repair film for glass breakage or if you require vision in then our 50 grade films are perfect for a shop window requiring tinting or film as they allow vision in and out while reducing heat and glare.

reflective anti heat window and glare film
DIY Solar Window Films - A quick and easy way to reduce heat with reflective silver mirror and neutral anti glare window film giving 99% UV protection to cut and reduce sunlight fading of goods, adds privacy during daylight hours (see night time) restricting views in for modesty. See out through glass with solar control film and window tints.VIEW »
100 micron clear Safety BS6206 Class B approved window film enhancement to glass within the workplace and schools ensure protective safety. Holds shattered glass in place, in the window frame in case of breakage; it is a clear (silver available) polyester film designed to make glass safer. VIEW »
Safety protection window film
conservatory polycarbonate roof window film
Conservatory too hot? get the latest conservatory solar window film and reduce solar energy and glare entering your conservatory. Try our window film for polycarbonate roof panels which are ideal for plastics and acrylic.VIEW »
DIY UV Protection Window Films. The suns UV rays can have harmful effects on Skin and cause irreparable damage to fabrics, furnishings, ornaments and paintings. UV window films cut out 99% of UV rays helping to slow the affects of fading and the associated damages that can be caused. VIEW »
UV 99% reduction protective fade window film.

Self adhesive, these can be installed to glazing whilst in situ, there's no need to remove the glass. (Check out the installation instructions on how to install).

One Way vision window films - how they work

One Way vision window films are a polyester plastic film for windows and glass that is impregnated with a thin metal content. The oneway window film reflects images and objects on the side with the strongest light source projected on to it i.e. in dalight the outside face becomes the best reflecting side while on the inside you would be able to see through the window film perfectly as the internal side would be darker to that of the outside light. The exception to one way arises when daylight turns to night - the inside lighting now becomes the strongest source of light and the reflection/s now appear on the inside blocking views out yet anyone looking in would be able to see through the film...see one way films for tip/s on how to get one way vision at night...view.