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Heat & glare reduction window films.
Privacy One way vision films - see out while restricting views in.
Protective safety anti shatter window film and security window films.

Solar Heat Control.

solar heat control reflective window films are specifically designed to reduce the build-up of heat and glare within your home, office(s) or conservatory

A range of DIY neutral and silver mirror window film that offer, anti glare, heat reduction and UV reflective solar films that will provide an effective solution against summer heat damage and all year round glare. Reduce excessive heat up to 80%, glare 78% and uv 99%. These films are categorised as Anti fade, UV & Glare and the 20 grades are perfect one way vision films. The Silver reflective comes also as a safety solar glass combination window film with all the same specification but with added 100 micron safety to BS6206 BS EN12600.

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Safety window Film.

Call today to find out more about safety film from Shop4. A clear 100 micron window film to protect persons from injury and damage to item caused by broken glass. Clear 100 micron film BS standards 6206 (class B) General purpose clear DIY safety Film.

Combined Safety & Solar Heat Control.

Silver/Safety 100 micron window films with heat reduction, anti fade, glare.

Bomb Blast Film.

Clear 175 micron security film, also known as "bomb blast Film"

For Safety 100 see Build Regs 14 document K

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One Way Privacy Film.

DIY Privacy Window Films Window Films can be used for privacy in a couple of different ways... High Reflective Silver can give one-way/daytime privacy which is dependant on light levels and frosted films that let light in but give full privacy.

Obscure 'SEE OUT NOT IN' One Way Privacy window film restricts views in but allows you to see out while those outside cannot see in (daylight hours).

Our silver mirror and neutral 20 grade window film offers the perfect one way vision solution. (See our tip below on how to acheive night-time oneway).

Block views in and see clearly out through the film as it reflects the side with the brightest light source. Does not darken your space; think of sunglasses for your windows.

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Window and Glass Security.

Buy online or call today to find out more about secure glass protection window film from shop4 - the lead supplier for window film in the UK.

Clear DIY 175 micron clear security protection window film will reduce access via glass, doors and windows. Also available as a silver security mirror window film, it will increase the time it takes to gain entry via doors, windows. Available as a combination 200 micron window film.

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UV Anti Fade Film.

DIY UV anti fading Protection Window Films. Reduce Ultraviolet radiation burning and fade of goods and shop window displays.

Anti fading Window Film - Get the latest UV protection and reduce material fade and burning of expensive goods with UV window films. Barriers in this clear window anti-fade film filter up to 99.7% of U.V. transmission. Our Solar control selection also offer 99% UV filter in addition to one way privacy.

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DIY Polycarbonate and Glass Conservatory Window Films - reduce solar heat energy and glare entering your conservatory by up to 80%. Make the most of your extra space

too hot? get solar window film and reduce solar energy and glare entering your conservatory. You have a polycarbonate roof and NOT glass? then just select our heat reduction window film for polycarbonate and plastic conservatory roof panels. Instantly reduce heat!.

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Privacy Window Films

Silver Reflective Window Film (Solar Control & Privacy Tint - One Way Mirror / Mirrored Glass) (available in 1.2 or 1.5m widths and lengths from 2m to a full 30m roll).

DIY Privacy Window Films Window Films can be used for privacy in a couple of different ways. Create a modern look with frosted and etched privacy window film giving full 24 hour privacy OR use a silver or neutral 20 one way window film to create daylight hours only privacy - 'SEE OUT NOT IN'. Stops and restricts views and people looking in through windows during the day. At night the effects of one way privacy are reversed as light levels change as the outside becomes darker than any indoor lighting. See our tip (below) on how to create one way privacy at night.

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Bomb Blast Film

Privacy film and privacy one way window films restricting views in 24hour privacy or dalylight hours oneway privacy with window film.

  • Bomb Blast Window Film.
  • Anti Shatter Window Film.
  • 175 - MOD level 1 Blast protection Window Film.

Holds broken glass together, however it cannot guarantee against total 'blow out' as this depends on the blast strength. A basic 175 clear security bomb blast film is sufficient to deter vandals and slow entry via glass and windows while more stronger 200+ micron bomb blast films will hold glass in place in the event of blast damage.

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Reduce Your Emissions

Window Films will help in cutting your fuel bills down, reduce air conditioning fees.

Applying window film to your office, home or other place of work or entertainment will help in reducing your carbon emissions footprint. Energy saving window films and coatings offer big savings in reducing heat during hot summer periods and will reduce your electricity costs on airconditioning and fans.

Self Adhesive: all our window films have a clear backing liner (polyester films) and (paper for vinyls) exposing either a 'pre-tacky' or water activated adhesive and can be installed in situ. There is no need to remove the glass to instal window films.

Enhance the home or workplace with our imaginative range window films and glass vinyl window film to create simple, tasteful design features or stunning visual effects or perhaps you need to find a practical solution to a decorative, privacy, solar or safety issue.

NIGHT TIME Privacy One Way film. Place lighting in the garden and point the lights back toward the treated glass (ensure the lighting is brighter than that of the inside lighting). Place lighting above the window frame/s of treated glass and point/angle the lights back on to the treated glass. *You will need to test for your required specification/s bulb wattage to acheive the best performance of one way film/s.

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