One-Way Window Privacy

A one way mirror film is a fantastic way to add privacy and control the view through glazing. There are various types, shades, and grades, providing a versatile alternative to curtains and blinds.

How does one way film work!

One Way Privacy is achieved by applying a solar control window film to glass. The resulting light imbalance then causes the film to reflect on the side that has the brightest light source, outside during daylight hours, allowing clear views through from the inside. Our heat reflective silver and neutral 20 grades are perfect for this but are dependant on light levels.

One Way Privacy (Daylight Hour Privacy) window film.

Homes and offices that are overlooked or are adjacent to pavements and passing foot traffic and where expensive equipment or sensitive information is in clear view can be made more secure by using either a 24 hour or daylight hours privacy one way film. We have two types of privacy application that one way window films and vinyls can offer.

1. Full time 24 hour privacy - Etches and Frost films.
2. Daylight Hours One-Way privacy - Neutral and Silver 20.
See our Tip on Night time one way vision - below.

Note: That a sample will not be able to show how one way works as the sample will not be large enough to attain the light imbalance(s) required to make the film reflect one side and allow views perfectly through from the other side. A 2/3 or full installation will give the light imbalance(s).
You will have to trust our years of experience and our many sales and installation records on this.

HOW: Daytime one way privacy works with heat reflective silver or neutral mirror window film.

One Way Privacy is achieved with a solar heat reflective mirror window film that reflects anything on the brighter side of the application allowing views out from the inside. As a privacy window film it will provide a one way mirror effect allowing you to see out whilst giving a mirrored appearance to anyone trying looking into the properly (dependant on the lighting conditions). Available in a range of finishes/grades it is normally installed internally but is suitable for both inside or outside application but please note that installing internal fit films externally will reduce the lifespan of the film.

How: Full 24 hour privacy frost film blackout window films work.

Vinyls and frosted films give a 'sandblast' etch to glass while blackout and white out films give FULL privacy block of light with a minimal light transmission of +/-1%. Frosted window film allows high levels of light to pass through and comes in a range of colours where available.

'SEE OUT NOT IN VISION FILM' - One Way or daylight hour privacy can be achieved allowing people to see out of a window while restricting vision through the glass from the outside. Alternatively, it may be acceptable to stop vision in both directions.

Need Security and One Way Vision? Use our silver combination security film. Now valuable equipment and expensive possessions can be hidden from view to even the most opportunistic criminals. If you already have a clear security film in place BUT now want added privacy then just apply another layer of silver mirror window film to add the element of privacy and one way vision.

  • These reflective (20 grades) window film offer daylight only One Way Vision.
  • Reflective 55 micron Silver mirror or Neutral 20 grade window film, hi-performance film are the perfect One Way Privacy Window Films.
  • Anti Glare reduction by up to 78%, UV 99%.
  • Will not make the room dark or seem too cold.
  • Adhesive: WAA 'Water Activated' OR PS 'Pressure'.
  • Black and white out and frosted window film give full 24hr privacy.
  • All our films are supplied for DIY installation.
NIGHT-TIME ONEWAY VISION: Place lighting in the garden, pointing the lights back toward the treated glass (ensure the lighting is brighter, approx 41% or more, to that of the inside lighting). OR place lighting above the window frame/s of treated glass and point/angle the lights back on to the treated glass. *You will need to test for your required specification/s bulb wattage to achieve the best performance of one way film/s.
Installation: There is no need to remove glass as the film can be applied direct to the glass in the frame.

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